The Christianity that we know today, with all of its “isms” and schisms, is the result of a 2000 year developmental process.  However, most of us base our Christian understanding only on the first few years (the New Testament of the Bible) and the last few years (contemporary preachers, teachers, and writers).  Many of us – especially protestants — have largely ignored the intervening 1900 years, which represent about 95% of our Christian history!

I have resolved to fill that 95% gap in my personal understanding of Christianity.  I have purchased some books and I have begun to build a list of related web sites.  As I pursue my studies on the history of Christianity I plan to share some of my discoveries and comments in this blog.  I hope that others will add their comments and enrich the learning experience for all of us.

The title of the blog comes from the title of a book by Roland H. Bainton, copyrights 1941 and 1950.  This book provides an excellent overview of the history of the Christian Church, with all its branches and issues, from the time of Christ up to today.  I recommend it to anyone who is interested in the foundations of Christian belief and practice around the world.

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