Holiday and Solstice Greetings

This is indeed a special time of year.  It is a time to celebrate hope and new beginnings.  Today is the Winter Solstice – the shortest day and longest night of the whole year.  This occasion has been celebrated by people around the world from the most ancient times because for the next 6 months the light will triumph over the darkness throughout the northern hemisphere.

In modern times Christians all over the world celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas Day, which falls on December 25. However, it’s believed that this date was chosen to offset pagan celebrations such as the Scandinavian solstice Feast of Juul (Yule).  Whatever Jesus’ true birth date might be, this does seem like a particularly appropriate time to celebrate His light coming into our world.

So I choose this day to send my Holiday greetings to all family and friends.  Rejoice in the light of the sun, the Light of Jesus, and the new opportunities that 2015 will bring.

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