Pagan Christianity

I originally envisioned my studies to be mainly historical.  You know, kind of academic and dry.  I want to build a graphical timeline of events in Christendom so I can better visualize the sweep of history and the many turning points and defining events that have occurred over the centuries.  Many of the books that I have gathered will fit into this approach nicely.

However, I have also come across some books that are more than just historical.  They have a point of view and express their opinions about historical events and how they have impacted the way Christians worship today.  One such book is Pagan Christianity? Exploring the Roots of Our Church Practices, by Frank Viola and George Barna.  I will be sharing what I learn from books like this as well.  So maybe future posts here will do more than shine some light on our history.  They may also generate some heat!


One comment on “Pagan Christianity

  1. Joey says:

    I think many Believers would be surprised to learn that some of our most important days in the Church Year were re-appropriated from pagan ritual dates. For example, Jesus was not actually born on December 25 (insert look of shock: eyes wide, mouth agape, hands on cheeks). The Church Fathers decided (rightly so) that it was important to celebrate Christ’s arrival on Earth, but they didn’t know the actual date of His birth. So, they had to pick one. How did they decide upon December 25? Hmmm…

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